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Orderfox is focused on the innovation needs in the B2B and industrial sectors. We develop, implement, and operate intelligent AI-based solutions to make business and production areas more efficient, faster, and more precise.


Our two AI-based products, Partfox, the world's largest AI-based CNC network, and Gieni, the Intelligent Big Data Machine for deep market insights, are specifically designed to meet the current and, above all, future requirements of the industry.

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Recognize, Develop, Implement. AI power helps us realize our ideas uniquely, usefully, and intelligently. We develop our own algorithms for our products, which purposefully change processes and decisions based on well-founded data and sustainably optimize them.

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Target Markets

Our target markets are all B2B and industrial sectors. Although we currently highlight our specialization in the CNC manufacturing industry, we are already planning to serve additional industries with the same quality and innovation mindset.

Discover Our Products

Our two AI-based products are specially designed to meet the current and, most importantly, future requirements of the industry:

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Partfox - The world's largest AI-powered CNC network

Partfox is the industry's biggest CNC network, connecting CNC buyers and CNC manufacturers worldwide with precision and efficiency through AI-powered match making.

Where the Industry meets!

Our specially developed AI analyzes CNC parts and matches them with the technical capabilities, experiences, and know-how of hundreds of thousands of CNC manufacturers worldwide.

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Hassle-Free RFQ Upload

Discover CNC manufacturers that not just fit, but are a perfect match for your specific CNC part. Say goodbye to the exhaustive search and hello to AI-precision matching.

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The Partfox Network ensures that a needed part always finds the exact fitting manufacturer, with the right machine and free capacity, wherever and whenever it is needed.

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Partfox - the world's largest AI-based CNC network connects buyers from various industries with professional CNC manufacturers globally.

Global Network

Partfox is the global, digital meeting point to connect industry players effectively and sustainably with innovative AI power. Partfox AI represents the future of the manufacturing industry.

Gieni AI, the worlds first and only B2B Chatbot

Gieni AI the intelligent Big Data Machine for your sustainable success. It is unique and groundbreaking when it comes to making the right decision.

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Over 30 million Data Entries

Unlock unlimited possibilities with Gieni Database

Deep Market Insights

Gieni AI is intelligent, constantly learning, and provides deep, unprecedented insights into the manufacturing industry.

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The worlds first B2B chatbot

In our AI-Chatbot you can currently ask if you want to increase your market share, analyze your competition, optimize your sales or marketing, launch a new product, seek input for successful innovations, and more. Gieni AI is the intelligent Big Data Machine for your sustainable success!

How can Gieni help?

Have you always wanted to know where 5-axis milling machines are used in Germany, or where turned parts are manufactured in Brazil?

Gieni AI’s Chatbot is happy to help you and provides you with precise answers about the CNC manufacturing industry.

Gieni has the world's largest CNC-specialized database, constantly growing and capable of delivering more and even more precise valuable answers.

Constantly growing...

Expanding into new industry sectors

Transform the industry with Orderfox!

Our two AI-based products are specially designed to meet the current and, most importantly, future requirements of the industry.